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Metis consultants help clients in the gas, coal and power domains make well-informed strategic decisions. Our clients rely on our expertise because we thoroughly understand their business and the challenges they face. Backed by leading research capability and knowledge across the entire energy value chain, Metis BSPL provides a unique consulting model to enable their clients to gain objective insight and integrated perspective of the energy business. We partner with our clients to help them analyse and understand the increasingly volatile business environment and competitive landscape in both the domestic and global markets, thereby turning complex challenges into profitable business opportunities.


Business and Regulatory Environment

  • Our Business Environment offering covers areas of market analysis, competitor mapping, regulatory environment review and expected developments and the related risk profiling of the market. We can help you achieve your key objectives by understanding global trends, risks and opportunities in the current business environment and expected developments. Leveraging our strengths in Database and Research architecture, we enable customers get a complete understanding of the energy market and take informed investment decisions.  


Our Strategy offering helps you make well-informed decisions and evolve strategies, to position your company for faster growth and profitability. Unlike other consultants, we provide advice based on industry leading research in energy sector based on internally developed state-of-the art database and research architecture. The aim is to provide lasting long-term value to customers.

  • Evolving business strategies for energy companies based on detailed market analysis and forecasts

  • Market Study / Country Opportunity and Risk Analysis for global companies entering India or India based MNCs planning new investment

  • Understand the likely evolution of Indian, regional and global gas markets (including the LNG market)

  • Identify and implement growth strategies in gas and power sectors

  • Develop and implement fuel procurement strategies including Contracts

  • Make tactical decisions around the development of energy , port and logistics infrastructure in India

Market Studies and Forecasts

Metis has developed competence in sourcing latest market information and intelligence through its strong network of analysts and industry experts. Customers count on Metis for obtaining quick research updates and studies as well as detailed market studies and forecast. The Analytical tools employed by us enable us analyse the multiple factors impacting the volatile energy market and make informed forecasts. The scenario analysis help clients view the possible emerging scenarios and prepare their strategic options for different scenarios. This area covered are :

  • All India Demand – Supply Study, Regional Market Studies covering Natural Gas , Coal and Power sectors and Business Forecasts

  • Detailed study of Natural gas , Coal and Power Sectors as well as specific business models and strategies

  • Policy and Regulatory Review - Impact and Analytical studies, Emerging scenario analysis

Business and Commercial

Metis Consultants carry wealth of industry and consulting experience. Leveraging the immense knowledge across markets, pricing, tariffs, trading and contracts, Metis offers tangible solutions to companies looking to understand global and Indian energy pricing and tariffs, investment economics, fuel economics and profitability analysis. This offering covers :

  • Economics of Energy Investments in India and evolving business strategies

  • Global Market Study : Gas / LNG Markets , Pricing and Contracts

  • Pricing and Tariff Studies : Fuel Pricing, Gas transmission tariffs , Power Tariffs – Review and Trends

  • Fuel economics : Comparative Fuel Economics and future scenario analysis in the power and energy sector value chain



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